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News Roundup: Ariana Grande Releases ‘Problem’ Video, Queen Announces New Album, and More

This week, pop star Ariana Grande released the official music video for her hit song “Problem,” which features female MC Iggy Azalea. Check it out below. Also, Queen announced that they are going to release a new album. All that and more below. Queen Announces New Album: Queen guitarist Brian May revealed that the band […]

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This Video Of A Guy Executing Fish With A Pistol Is Actually Good Because Lionfish Suck

I think every non-sociopath’s first instinct when seeing the title card of the video above—which lives up to its billing, as this is indeed a four-minute clip of a man equipped with a waterproof Glock who uses it to “fish” for lionfish—is one of dread. Oh no, you worry, accurately. Am I really about to watch someone brain scores of defenseless little fish with a goddamn handgun???

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Video: The real value of hybrid cloud

Public or private cloud – why choose one when you can have both?

Hybrid cloud computing is the idea of connecting a private cloud that sits inside the corporate firewall to some public cloud hosted by a service provider.

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Doing so gives organizations all the benefits of both worlds: Private clouds can handle security-sensitive workloads, while the public cloud is great for apps that have varying demand of resources.

But saying is easier than doing. At VMworld in San Francisco, we chatted with Cliqr’s Kurt Milnes to discuss how to overcome some of the chief challenges related to hybrid cloud computing.

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