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With Half A Billion Customers Lost, McDonald’s Gambles On Mobile Ordering To Get Them Back

McDonald’s has always boasted about the billions of customers it has served. But now it has a big problem: the 500 million potential visitors it estimates it’s lost in the past five years. It hopes mobile ordering and curbside delivery will lure them back.

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Changes to Red Hat Openstack Platform 9 templates as I move them to Openstack Platform 10 for …

I am using my OpenStack Platform 9 templates for OpenStack Platform 10 but I see errors such as this when I run the overcloud deploy command


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Sharks Can Sense Electricity, and That Might Save Them from Extinction

Anyone who has ever gone fishing knows that you don’t always catch what you’re trying to catch. In industrial fishing, that problem is called “bycatch,” and it can have grave consequences.

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