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The journalist sent to Sweden by a Twitter troll reports back


It’s been a week since independent journalist Tim Pool took up InfoWars editor-at-large and alt-right conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson’s offer to come to Malmo, Sweden, to investigate violence allegedly committed by migrants and refugees in the country. 

So far, Pool has posted a clip for each day he’s been in the country. Topics have ranged from a sit-down with a business owner, chatting with Ivar Arpi about self-censorship, and one Muslim resident’s perspective on the situation.

There’s also video of Pool exploring the supposed most violent “no-go zones,” escorted by Deputy Mayor Nils Karlsson.  Read more…

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A Double Meteor Impact Hit Sweden 468 Million Years Ago

In the Swedish county of Jämtland, two large craters mark the site of a rare event: a double meteorite impact. The larger crater of the pair, a few miles south of the city of Östersund, is about 4.7 miles wide. A few miles away lies a smaller crater, nearly half a mile wide. The two craters are the first proven site of a double impact that researchers have identified so far.

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