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Privacy Opponents Are Using a Sneaky Trick to Help ISPs Sell Your Data

Do you know what your internet service provider is doing with your data? You probably know that it can see the sites you’re visiting, but have you ever thought about whether it’s selling that information to advertisers? Anti-regulation officials are planning to make sure your ISP never has to tell you.

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To Protect Privacy, Apple’s Smart Speaker Said To Have Opt-In Camera Capabilities

The Apple smart speakers are said to have cameras that recognize individual people.

Cloud Computing

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India ranked 18 of 24 countries in cloud computing due to absence of privacy law

Even as Indian companies and government move towards greater cloud adoption, they still have a long way to go before cloud-computing policies …


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Microsoft sues government, expanding privacy debate to cloud

Cloud computing has spurred a profound change in the storage of private information,” wrote Microsoft’s president and chief legal officer, Brad Smith, …


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Privacy group calls for a boycott of tech companies supporting CISA

Privacy advocates are stepping up their lobbying efforts against the controversial cyber threat information sharing bill currently in Congress after several tech giants indicated their support.

Activist group Fight for the Future criticized Salesforce for supporting legislation which would “grant blanket immunity for American companies to participate in government mass surveillance programs like PRISM, without meaningfully addressing any of the fundamental cyber security problems we face in the U.S.” Accordingly, Fight for the Future said it will abandon the Heroku cloud application platform within the next 90 days and encourages others to follow suit. The letter to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff was posted on the site YouBetrayedUs.org.

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