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Reddit’s Trump Supporters Inspired a Plan to Save Brendan Fraser

Image: AP Photo/Charles Sykes

Reddit is now home to two communities fanatically devoted to a cause. One believes it memed a bloviating fascist into office as the soon-to-be leader of the free world. The other wants to save Brendan Fraser.

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Facebook has a new plan to bring cheap internet access to India



Facebook is launching a new scheme to bring cheap internet access to rural India, just months after net neutrality protestors blocked the company’s plan to provide free internet to millions in the country. 

The company is currently testing Express Wi-Fi in India. The service, according to Facebook, will allow people to buy fast, reliable and affordable data packages without shelling out hundreds of rupees each month. 

In January, India’s telecoms regulator rejected Facebook’s Free Basics program after more than a million people registered complaints abut the plan, which would have given free access to specific websites chosen by Facebook.  Read more…

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