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The ultimate app guide to Super Bowl Sunday



It’s that time of year again — when sports bars hit full capacity and nail-biting tension runs high. If you’re looking to forget about politics and focus on the Super Bowl, then you might need a few apps on the sidelines.

From helping you find the perfect beer with your appetizers to letting you watch muted TV in a public place, these apps will help you maximize your Super Bowl experience.


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Whether you’re just having friends over or are planning to cook up a feast during the game, your grocery bill can add up quick. Read more…

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The 2016 guide for flawless blog optimization

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Whether you’re blogging for fun or for business, getting your posts ranking in the search engines is your ticket to traffic. But in order for that to happen, you first need to make sure your blog and your individual posts are properly optimized. While SEO hasn’t fundamentally changed over the past few years, there are some strategies that have become more or less effective; and knowing which ones to focus on can save you tons of time and frustration. This post will walk you through everything you need to know about SEO and your blog in 2016, including: Why blog…

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