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Craig Wright Claims He Will Move Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin ‘In the Coming Days’

Yesterday, Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright announced that he was the elusive creator of Bitcoin. His proclamation was immediately met with an avalanche of suspicion , with one prominent cryptography expert describing it as “flimflam and hokum.” Now, through a spokesman, Wright has promised that further proof for his claims is coming.

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Apple’s Craig Federighi writes op-ed in opposition to FBI on iPhone security



Since the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, the most charismatic member of the company’s public-facing team has been senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi

On Sunday, Federighi used some of that social capital to push Apple’s message forward regarding its privacy policies in the face of pressure from the FBI to modify those policies in favor of the government

Appearing in the Washington Post, the op-ed wastes no time and dives right into the heart of the issue

“Our team must work tirelessly to stay one step ahead of criminal attackers who seek to pry into personal information and even co-opt devices to commit broader assaults that endanger us all,” wrote Federighi. “The encryption technology built into today’s iPhone represents the best data security available to consumers.” Read more…

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