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Facebook and Unity team up to launch a Steam competitor

Facebook is preparing to take on Steam for casual gaming. The company today announced the Facebook PC Gaming Platform, a downloadable desktop hub for games made in partnership with Unity. The platform is actually an update to the Facebook Games Arcade beta from earlier in May. And while the company is remaining fairly tight-lipped, TechCrunch provides some details on what to expect. The platform is meant to provide a focused place for browsing your games, without being distracted by the News Feed and custom notifications. And while the first batch of games will likely be of the casual variety as developers move…

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KVM creators unveil speedy Cassandra competitor

Two of the developers behind the KVM and OSv projects have now released and open-sourced a direct replacement for the Apache Cassandra NoSQL database that they say is an order of magnitude faster.

ScyllaDB is meant as a substitute for Cassandra in the same way that MariaDB can be swapped in for MySQL without blinking. ScyllaDB is written in C++ as opposed to Cassandra’s Java, and its creators, Avi Kivity and Dor Laor, claim its sharded architecture provides the kinds of parallelism and speed-up on a single computer that was previously only available in a cluster.

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