BR Pokes Fun At Real Players And 'NBA 2K18' In Game Of Zones And Draws Repost From Ronnie 2K

If you’ve never watched an episode of Bleacher Report’s fantastic animated short series Game of Zones, you should make it a point to catch an episode. It may be a signal of changes to come with the newest version of NBA 2K.

TIBURON, CA – DECEMBER 9: Ronnie Singh poses for a photograph. Mr. Singh is the public face of the hugely popular NBA2K series. Players tweet and send him private messages asking for and complaining about their ratings on the video game. (Nick Otto for the Washington Post)

If you have strong feelings about the NBA 2K series, you may want to make the episode of GOZ below the first one you watch. Hardcore 2K fans will immediately get the references and the comedic shots taking at the game’s much-maligned virtual currency system, inability to skip cutscenes, the polarizing archetype structure and more.

The video features a character named Ronnie 1K who is a medieval version of Ronnie Singh aka Ronnie 2K. There’s so much 2K Community goodness in this video, it’s hard to mention it all. Take a look:

Ronnie 2K added a portion of it to his Instagram story and tweeted the following:

Though it was playfully addressed in the video, the concerns over the VC structure and other aspects of the game are real. 2K has always been cryptic during the pre-release hype. While the video comes from B/R, is it possible the video was a collaborative effort? After all, there are a lot of hardcore 2K references in the video.

Could this be the first in the annual string of cryptic media ahead of a 2K release? Fans should be hoping that’s the case. Ronnie 2K’s public acknowledgment of the media could be a good sign. Would a representative from 2K’s marketing department actually add a video poking fun at last year’s game to his one of his social media accounts if there weren’t plans to address these issues?

Probably not, but there are obviously no guarantees this will lead to the kind of upgrades and alterations that will quiet the increasingly louder rumblings from the 2K community. NBA 2K18 has sold a reported 9 million copies across multiple platforms, but the franchise is still in a unique situation.

While the numbers look promising, it would appear public approval for the series is lower than it has been in years. When will that start to be reflected in sales units and decreased microtransactions? It’s hard to tell, but NBA 2K19 see a dip in numbers if public perception isn’t managed. The first step to resolving an issue is acknowledging that it exists.

Perhaps these videos and the Ronnie 2K reposts are a signal of awareness and action.