Reportedly Perverted Penguins Are Now Being Harassed Back… By Climate Change

A century ago, a biologist’s observations of the “depraved” sex acts of antarctic Adélie penguins so disturbed him that he never published them and the records were lost until 2012. Now, new research finds the same species of polar bird is under threat by the potential perversion of the climate.

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IDG Contributor Network: OpenSUSE comes to Linode

The openSUSE Conference in Nürnberg, Germany concluded on Sunday and today cloud hosting provider Linode announced that it is now offering openSUSE as an option on its virtual servers.

Linode customers can get openSUSE 13.1, which reaches end-of-life in November 2016. Also available is openSUSE 13.2, which reaches end-of-life between January and March of 2017. Once 13.1 and 13.2 expire, they’ll no longer be available from the Linode Manager.

OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 will be available to Linode customers very soon, and Linode will offer openSUSE Leap 42.2, when it’s made available later this year. There are no plans to offer openSUSE Tumbleweed at this time.

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Use These Secret Codes to Unlock Hidden Features on Your iPhone

Since the earliest days of cellular technology, secret codes have been embedded into the software of our mobile devices, and they’re still in place today. Included in these hidden codes for the iPhone is a special diagnostics mode you can use to troubleshoot problems, get a more accurate signal reception measurement, and more.

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